Congruent With Your Higher Self

The biggest pain in a human psyche is being incongruent with a vision of oneself. 



Your Vision Of Yourself.

Do you have a vision for your life? A vision of the person you really want to grow into. A man or woman who has all the qualities, attributes, and desires that you want. Your aspirations are already a part of you simply because you’ve thought of them and perhaps even acted on them, starting the process of your expansion.


The Dark Side.

the dark side

We all have multiple sides to ourselves. When we get pressured in a negative environment or situation, we don’t necessary behave in our usual way. Realizing our shortcomings and not allowing ourselves to be put in difficult situations is what we should strive to do. We have all the colors of the rainbow within. We can choose the colors we want to display in life every day. When we are dark, we make decisions that aren’t congruent with the person we aspire to be, and that results in a lot of pain. We all have that friend who is amazing but should not be drinking. The ugliest person can emerge with just a sip of alcohol. Most of us have had a relationship that brought out the worst in us. The lesson is to be very selective in choosing who to be with in a relationship.

Benefits Of Congruency.


Being congruent with the vision of yourself is fulfillment and happiness. When you are congruent, every cell of your body sings. Heaven, earth, and you become one as you reach your highest evolution. There is no better feeling than sharing all your gifts and making the biggest contribution you possibly can to the world because you are being the best version of you.

Pain Of Incongruence.

When you are incongruent with your vision of yourself, when you do things that contradict your evolution, you feel pain. You feel lost, insecure, depressed, sad, or just simply content. Content while searching for happiness in other things. Contentment is death because there is no growth whatsoever. Contentment is boredom and complacency. An awakened soul can’t stay content for long. An awakened soul looks for expression, for evolution, for growth.

Be congruent with your vision of yourself in every area of your life. In your relationships, your mission, your work, the way you show up every day. Be congruent in the way you eat, look, dress. The way you behave. Who are you? The true you. Beautiful, strong, confident, loving. See that person, be that person, be congruent in all that you do.

Much Love,


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