Clearing The Energy Of Fear


Clearing the energy of fear is a first step to Courageous Creative Life. Learning about the emotion of fear is important, but implementing the knowledge and making the shift requires an effort on your part and support from me. Clearing the energy from your body, aura, and mind requires work. As we know from “Laws Of The Universe”, Fear restricts the flow of energy. It deprives us of any of the positive energy we are trying to bring into our lives. This week I would like us to focus on Clearing the emotion and energy of fear. I have written a series of 5 articles as a follow up to my Ebook “The Journey beyond fear into freedom” and this is the first one.

5 step to clearing the energy of fear.

Programming Your Mind

1. Uncharted desire to release Fear.

You must truly desire to release the clutter inside you. If there is a part of you that finds comfort in fear, clearing that energy becomes difficult. Free will is stronger than any energy, work, or healing you might experience. The first step to clearing is the desire to remove it from inside of you and allow you to flow more freely.


2. Invite Archangel Michael into your life.

Invite Archangel Michael into your life and ask him to clear you from the fear that is paralyzing you. Archangel Michael is a mighty warrior. His power is immense and profound. With Archangel Michael in your life, you become unstoppable. Michael’s chief function is to free the world from fear and negativity.

Invite Michael into your life. Take 15 minutes this evening and write a letter to Archangel Michael. State all of your fears in that letter. Tell him what it is that you’re deeply afraid of and why it is stopping you. Ask him to intervene, to show you the way. Ask him for a miracle. Take another sheet of paper and write your heart’s most intimate desires, your dreams, and invite Michael to help you to make them your reality. After you’ve finished writing, close your eyes and meditate on your letter of dreams, feel it, feel the presence of Archangel Michael. Light the candle (those long lasting candles that burn for several days). Place the letter under the burning candle and for the next seven days, every morning as you awaken and every evening before bed, go to your letter and reflect on it.

(Note. You can light the candle every morning and night while meditating on your letter and feeling Michael’s present, or you can keep it lit. But if you do keep it lit, make sure the candle is in a safe location where wind can’t reach it and you are sure a fire won’t start. Use common sense. If you leave a candle burning, it’s at your own risk)

Now with Michael by your side, you are protected and guided. “If you only knew who you are walking with you would never be afraid” Wayne Dyer. Remind yourself often that you are never alone. Your angels are with you.


3. Clear your Chakras.

Chakras clearing

This is the process of opening your seven chakras to remove blockages from them. By doing so, your energy flows more easily and your connection with the Divine increases. After you clear your chakras, you float them with the light and close them. You can perform chakra clearing yourself. You can download a step by step instruction on how to do it here. Another option is to see an energy healer or a Reiki master. They can clear them for you.  One thing is sure – you will feel the difference.

4. Affirmation and Meditation.

Benefits of Meditation

When we meditate and visualize, we enter a different realm of reality where fear does not exist. The more time you spend there, the more you know how fearlessness feels and the easier it becomes to bring fearlessness into this reality. Our minds don’t know the difference between imagined and actual fear. The more you see yourself walking in courage, the more you actually will walk in courage.

Affirmations are great to center you when fear creeps in. Feel free to borrow my list of affirmations or create your own.

This week’s affirmation is:

My mind is of Infinite Prosperity

My Inner presence is Lavish Abundance

My consciousness is The Light.


5. Stone for Psychic protection.

To protect yourself from fear entering your energy field, you can use a “magic” stone. (That’s the name my son gave to this stone.)

Black Tourmaline

It is a powerful stone that is readily available to anyone. It catches negative emotions and protects you. You can learn more about this powerful stone here.

Use this week to clear your energy from fear. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. I will see you next Monday.

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