Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness is the Consciousness of Glory of Oneness. It is the direct channel to the highest vibrational frequency that lays within every one of us.

Who Was Jesus Christ?

Jesus was the son of God who came into the world in the darkest times in the history of humanity, when low vibrational behavior had taken over human hearts. Jesus was The Light. He shared the message of a loving God. He changed the trajectory of the world.

Jesus was a perfect spiritual being. He was Love and Light. But that doesn’t mean that he was a perfect man. No human can be emotionally tuned into the energy of Love and Light all the time. However, we can strive for it and exercise our emotional truth always. Jesus carried a Knowing of  Truth and Love within him. He integrated Love into his emotional responses to life.

Jesus was human though – he did get angry, scared and afraid, he did have a dark side and knew despair at times. Jesus also had sensual and sexual desires and a mate and lover in Mary Magdalene.

Christ Consciousness.

Can people like you and I have the same consciousness as Christ? I believe we can. Christ Consciousness  is the particle of the Formless. The deepening of a connection with the eternal being within and the dis-attachment to shape and form.

Being the channel of love, the messenger of grace, the gentle force of nature that heals, supports and nurtures IS the embodiment of Christ Consciousness.

God desires to be expressed in the world through us. The example set by Jesus can be the illustration of wholeness for each and every soul.

To unveil your Christ Consciousness within start seeing yourself as an unlimited being rather than a finite human being. And connect with your inner light every morning so you can share it with others and with the world.

Much Love,


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