Choose Again.

Life Choices

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During the times when you find yourself off your path, moving away from your goals, and not realizing your dreams, don’t be distressed. Don’t agonize or beat yourself up because you believe you’re failing. Instead, Choose Again.

Some of you have been walking on a treadmill for a long time, committed to a relationship, a career, or circumstances that aren’t moving you in the direction of your Higher Self. You feel comfortable enough to just stay put.

Some of you have failed “again” on your plan, resolution, or intention. And perhaps you are filled with guilt, anger, and frustration.

Loving your illuminating self above all of the defeat created in your mind and Choosing Again to commit to the direction that is dearest to your heart and aspirations, in a way that is good for you and not your Ego, will create a Miracle and energize your desire to come alive.

I remember the time I was overweight and struggled to change that. I tried different diets while spending two hours a day, five days a week in the gym. But nothing worked. I didn’t love myself. I wanted to be thin so others would like me, and I could fit in and feel better about myself. I judged myself by what others believed and was filled with guilt. My negative self image was so disturbing. And the more I talked negatively to myself, the more I ate to live up to my self assessment that I was a failure.

And then it all changed. The change wasn’t a one day journey to self discovery and self love. It took several months. But my resolve to change came about because I loved myself more than any food could ever make me feel.

What happened next wasn’t exactly a perfect picture of success. I lapsed quite a few times. My first week, I was going strong – a lot of water and clean eating. And then … Boom. I found myself in my pantry eating everything in sight. I was compulsively eating, indulging, and reconnecting with that feeling of fear and guilt. The next morning I had a choice. I could follow the narrative that I’m a failure, or I could Choose Again. When I chose, I chose from a place of love and compassion. I loved myself more than that one evening of irrational overeating. And the journey continued. I lapsed again a week or so later, and I Chose Again. In the end, I learned how to love myself, my whole self, with all the bad and all the good. I accepted my weaknesses, and along the way transformed myself.

Meditation and Affirmations are very valuable tools you can use to reach your illuminating core and help you Choose Again.

Today I use “Choose Again” in every aspect of my life. I am only human, and so you are. Whether it’s financial discipline, an undesired relationship, extra weight, working on your dreams, your health, or anything of importance to you, this approach to life makes certain that you come back to what really matters to you, with love and harmony. There might come a time when fear creeps in and temporarily knocks you off your path. But when life throws you a curve, at that moment, you can quit or Choose Again.

Much Love,


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