Choices and The Energy.



The choices we make every day dictate the direction of our lives and our karmic energy. They strengthen the soul, or they weaken it.

And every day, when we choose from a place of fear and deprivation, we strengthen our ego personality while dimming the light of our soul. But, when we make choices from a place of love, we connect deeper with the soul, and the light within shines brighter.



When we make decisions that are congruent with the wisdom of the soul, we show our dedication to living in the light. When our commitment to goodness is stronger than our desire for temptations, we attract higher vibrational circumstances and attract positive, supportive people into our lives. We create good karma.


Every one of us is tempted on a Daily basis. Temptation is the earth exercise. This exercise challenges your commitment to soulful living. The more soulful your decisions, the easier it gets to make them. Jesus was tempted, and so was Buddha. In the moments of temptation, remember your core. Remember the light within.

The positive evolution of one’s life lies in making choices that are soulful. Choices that are good for you and others. Instead of anger, choose peace. Instead of deception, choose honesty. Instead of addiction, choose healing.

Making Better Choices.

To help us make good choices, we need to remember that our essence is in our soul, not the body we occupy. We are The Light and not the darkness that this world projects on us. We must remind ourselves often that we are not limited to the 5 senses of the human form. We are an unlimited being.

Make soulful choices.

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