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The human body is the most advanced and beautiful creation of the earth plane. It is a temple that has been given to each of us and while every temple will vary in size, color and shape, the one that you have is perfect for your experience in the human form.

Unfortunately, too many of us treat our bodies with little respect, having a tendency to abuse it. We fail to pay attention to what we are putting into it and just as bad, we abuse it with our poor choice in words. We call ourselves ugly, fat, sick and hate some parts more than others. What a big mistake! Our spirit loves its body, for your soul has chosen its temple and it is perfect. You Ego on the other side will never find satisfaction in its body, no matter how many changes you make. It doesn’t matter how many plastic surgeries you undergo, there will always be something else that your ego will hate and want to fix. Your ego is controlled by FEAR, it is fearful of you not being enough. Not beautiful enough, skinny enough, dark enough, white enough. As soon as you get what your ego wanted, you feel “satisfied”, until several days later a brand new not enough will surface and start the process all over again. Your spirit sees you as a whole being and loves your body.

To reduce fear in your body pay close attention to these five components:

The Spoken Word

The Spoken Word

Japanese professor, Masaru Emoto and his amazing discovery of the water crystals opened a new understanding of the power of words. Emoto’s water crystal experiments consisted of exposing water in glasses to different words. When he put the word love on the glass the water crystals were beautifully shaped as snowflakes and other gorgeous patterns, however when he put the word hate on the glass the crystals would be ugly and clattered. You can watch a short video of his work here. As we know our bodies are mostly water, we are walking puddles. The harm that we do to ourselves and others whenever we speak negatively or out of anger is greater than we can perceive. So the first rule to rid of Fear in your body is by using gentle and loving words towards yourself at all times.

Stay Hydrated


A dehydrated body is filled with fear where stress, anxiety and other negative emotions are increased. I can’t really explain why, but I read about it years ago and experienced it myself many times. Are you fearful? Hydrate yourself and drink a lot of water because it will take up to 3 weeks for the body to feel fully hydrated. Water is life, so fill up your temple.

Watch your Diet


The food we consume has a huge impact on the way we feel. Sugar, caffeine, energy drinks, soda are all sure to bring anxiety and nervousness to the surface. It is hard to walk around feeling grounded and guided when your body is filled with ingredients that produce an enormous amount of Fear and Anxiety. A healthy green, organic, mostly alkalizing diet will cleanse the emotions of fear from your system. I would highly recommend attempting a more vegetarian diet for at least 2 weeks. Allow yourself that time to cleanse so that you will experience peace and serenity. If you like the diet you can keep it or even just some parts of it.


The partner or partners with whom you have sex really matters. Your body connects with someone else’s body, it exchanges and imprints various messages from your partner as well as all of the people with whom your partner has had sex. You might be imprinting huge amounts of fear without knowing it.

Cleanse Your Body


Cleanse your body and your energy at least once a week. I shared with you a chakra cleanse in the previous post. Cleanse your body by taking bath with Epsom Salt, by swimming in the ocean or running in the wind. Cleanse your body with sage. Cleanse your body with juice or even perform a “1 or 2 day fast”. Allow your body rest. The calmer your body feels the less fear you will experience overall.

And don’t forget to exercise. Whether it is Yoga or Marshall Arts, do something that gives you energy and strength.

Much Love,

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