It is not about what you do it is about who you are.

Epic Party

“Be yourself” was the message that was so clear to every person who joined the party. I spent a weekend in Los Angeles with a group of new friends. I was invited to an “Epic Party” and I gladly accepted invitation to a new experience. Most of the people I met worked as Sales Reps for different technology companies. While the myths about sales reps are still quite negative, the ones of ruthless people that do almost anything to close sale. What I discovered was very different.

The party started at noon with yoga and meditation session followed by mostly vegan BBQ. (It was very much in line with all my party favorites.) The view of the city of angels of the top of Hollywood hill was breathtaking. The healing energy of women and few men was beautifully vibrating in the air.

The party was going all day and all night. There were plenty of wine and other entertainment there but what I loved most were the people who showed up to share their gifts.

Personal Gifts


The host while having a high position in the company and making good living put the party together to give a space for people he cares for so deeply find the inner truth and start and awakening process. He stands for love, lights, and happiness and uses himself as a channel to connect people.

The afternoon session was followed by Ted style talks that raised consciousness of over hundred of people to the whole new level. People were screaming, “How can we get involved? How can we donate? Volunteer and Help?” Care for Kenya received a lot of love and support from carrying people who stand for gender equality and opportunity for women to get education and a chance in life.

Ted style talks were followed by a performance of a very talented man whos singing and music awaked a new range of emotions and touched many hearts. AJ is a sales rep as well but his gift is sharing a message through his art – music and singing. His bosses were sitting in awe and admiration of incredible talent that AJ kept to himself for years. The magic of the party lied in beauty and authenticity of people who followed their callings and shared their gifts.

Be Yourself

be yourself

This experience touched me deeply. No matter what we do for living we can touch and transform lives of thousands of people we meet every day. You don’t have to be a guru to make a real difference. You just need to be YOUrself. Through your authenticity, love, and care for humanity. Though the personal gifts that you were born to share. You shift the consciousness of the planet and make this world even more beautiful place.

Be Yourself!

Much Love,

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