Barefoot- Should You Take Your Shoes Off?


Why you should not take your shoes off in a stranger’s home.

Often when visiting someone’s home, we take our shoes off out of respect and consideration. What we don’t realize, however, from a metaphysical stand point, is we expose ourselves to the energy that is in that home. The spirit that is buried in the carpets and floors, both good and bad, enters us. We absorb that energy through the skin of our feet. We open ourselves up to myriad of unknowns. While we might soak in something pleasant, we may very likely absorb a lot of junk and debris.

Barefoot Alternative

Some cultures are very strong believers in removing shoes while in the house. I am a great example of it. In Kazakhstan we never enter anyone’s home with shoes on. That is a part of the culture and the base for it is dirt and dust that is on the streets together with ancient customs and traditions. In fact we always looked at European countries that would wear shoes in the house as outrageously crazy. ┬áBut what you will notice is that we ofter wear socks. Socks serve as the barrier that prevents the energetic exposure and keep our feet clean from dusty floors.

Health Factor


Another factor to keep in mind when walking barefoot is disease. You never know if bacteria or some other malady will be transmitted through your skin.

Hotels and Travel

Keep these thoughts in mind when traveling and staying in hotels. Take slippers with you on your trips. Try not to walk barefoot in the hotel room.

Keep a pair of socks in your purse and take them with you at all times. By doing this, you will always have protection while remaining polite and considerate towards the values and social norms of others.

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