As Within So Without

as within so without

Our outer world is an extension of our inner world, as within so without. The city where we dwell, the colors and decor of our home, our wardrobe, and all that we wear and carry every day represent the emotions, feelings, and beliefs that make us who we are.

Declutter Personal Space

Clutter in our house is an expression of the jumble in our emotional body. The disarray in our closet is like the disorder in our heads. To gain clarity, that feeling of easiness and freedom, we must first clear our personal space. The old furniture, the clothes hidden in the back of the closet, the documents piled in and under places we rarely see, all carry energy. A dank, heavy, aged energy. Donating, selling, and recycling those items frees our space and allows fresh new energy to flow through.

Make your personal space beautiful. Decorate your space with art. Bring plants and flowers. Light candles.

What to keep

Rid yourself of old clutter and keep only the things that make you happy, that make you smile, that you absolutely love. If you don’t love something, do not keep it in your space.

As Within So Without

The chaos in your life resides in your purse and in your wallet. Turmoil is in your thoughts and in your closet. Confusion is in your emotions and your unfit body. The clamor and commotion on the inside leads to the vitriol on the outside.

As within so without. Purify your inner space daily through meditation, prayer, music, and books. Declutter and remove disorganization. Keep your inner space in harmony for the optimum balance, happiness, and energy flow.

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