Art of Receiving. Learning how to Receive.




Transformation of a Giver into an abundant Receiver.

Do you allow yourself to accept help or Receive gifts and other acts of gratitude and care simply because they are offered to you? If the process of Receiving causes you to feel awkward, uncomfortable, guilty, or maybe even unworthy, read on.

If you are a kind and loving soul, then sharing, giving, and contributing is a natural part of who you are. In fact you are so accustomed to taking care of and helping others that you can’t imagine being any other way. Your heart is simply too big to reject someone who is in need of your help, emotionally or physically. By now, you’ve most likely learned to pace yourself and say NO when needed, but the beautiful soul of a giver always bestows its light, day after day, in varied and wonderful ways.

Programmed to Give

Let’s examine why we are so comfortable when we give and so apprehensive when its time for us to Receive. Since childhood, we’ve been programmed by society and religion to believe that focusing on ourselves is BAD. Selfish. Self-centered. We’ve been told that we must first concentrate on God, then on others, and after everything and everyone else is taken care of, we can then award a little attention to ourselves. Everyone is more important than we are.

Today you really want to give, to contribute into the world, to make a difference. The sad reality is that most kind and giving souls don’t have any real power with which to give. People want to raise the world above poverty, but they struggle financially themselves. People want to heal others, but they are physically or emotionally unwell. When we consider these realities, we realize that we must pay attention to ourselves first. We need to become our own saviors. By doing so we put ourselves in a position to truly give. When we focus on ourselves, we expand our own abilities, we fall in love with ourselves, and we become fulfilled. We become expansive. We become more. When goodness overflows, we can give unconditionally. Give love, give money, give time, and help others heal.

Learning to Receive

To be able to receive with an open heart, you need to elevate and expand your self-worth and practice saying Yes. You deserve all that comes into your life, especially goodness. No, you don’t need to work hard for it. You deserve it simply because you are You. Remember, for every giver there must be a Receiver.

When you are given something good, whether it’s help, a compliment, a present or anything else, just say Thank You and Receive it. At first it might feel a little uncomfortable, but over time it will feel amazing. For now, start practicing. It doesn’t matter whether you want what’s given. Receive it with gratitude and excitement.

Begin to practice accepting. When you see money on the street, pick it up, with excitement, and say Thank You! Don’t show the universe that you don’t want money. The universe will send you more of what you want and are excited to Receive. When someone offers help, take it. When someone wants to help you heal, let them.

Once you get comfortable with Receiving, your giving will expand as well. You will be a more bountiful and expansive person. You will be a person who gives freely without holding anything back. A Balanced person who Receives and gives with ease.

Much Love,


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