Are you afraid of death?


Death is a word that scares many. It represents the end. My question is – the end of what?

What Do We Really Fear?

Fear of Death represents a fear of the unknown. Not knowing what is “on the other side” can be deeply disturbing. Deep within us, fear of death is a fear of unaccomplished dreams and an unfulfilled life. A knowing that an inner light, a talent, or a word didn’t get shared and will never have a chance to come out again. People get subdued by life experiences and yet still desire to be free one day.

Today I received an email from a friend who is battling cancer at an advanced age. He is scared. And yesterday my girlfriend shared a story of her neighbor being resuscitated by four fire fighters trying to get her neighbor’s heart beating again, alternating one after another while wiping sweat from their foreheads. She started thinking about her own end and got very scared.

I wish I could share my calmness with them and project my own inner peace.

From Paranoia To Light

I remember being paranoid about death. After my husband’s passing, I would think about death every single day. Some days I was paralyzed, unable to go on with my day. I would spend the entire day in bed, hiding. I was thinking – how can I live my life knowing that I could die at any moment? What would happen to my family? What would happen to me? That state of mind lasted a long time. I did not share my depression, and that slowly lead to paranoia and a mental sickness that took hold of mind. I was in a very dark place.

One day I made a decision to fall in love with life again and all the magic that it had to offer. I traveled with my son, inhaled him every day, embraced beauty and thanked God for each and every moment. I started noticing that the fear and thoughts of death would appear less. And one day I realized I didn’t have those thoughts for an entire week. I began to believe that I would be okay. Years have passed, and my journey to the other side has been nothing but light. Experiencing energy shifts in my own body and going beyond the human form has been liberating for body and mind.

Human Life

Human life is just a stage of eternal life. An exciting life filled with sadness and joy, love and pain, lessons and progression. It never gets boring. Something is always going on. We aim for stability, but there is nothing stable about life. There is what we want life to be, and there is just life. Our ability to adapt to life’s challenges and find meaning and lessons, self love, and appreciation in all of this is why we decided to visit this world. We have chosen our families prior to our birth to receive that which we need for our eternal evolution. We learn the lessons as children. Our early childhood shaped us and allowed us to deal with life in particular ways. After childhood, we went out on our own, making our own life experiences.

To truly realize what we are takes a quiet mind. The busy mind can’t hear the voice of God. When we arrive at the place of knowing that we are eternal, immortal, universal, and infinite beings, the shift in consciousness and the way we go about life every day becomes liberating and loving. When we live a life congruent with our soul mission, there is no fear of death. We give all of us, keeping nothing and leaving nothing behind.

What you do to provide for yourself and your loved ones is one thing. What you do to share your light with others is what matters most. Contribution is what fulfills. Giving of your gifts, talents, and energy is where you find meaning.

To help stop the paranoia of death, here are a couple of things to try:

1) Meditate.

Quiet your mind and enjoy the present moment of the gift of life. Maybe one day you will be open to the experience of other dimensions.

2) Discover your purpose and live that purpose every single day.

Ask yourself every morning “Hey, how am I doing on my dream”? And no matter what others say, live your life. Remember, the people who love you most are often the ones telling you why you should not take a risk or should not be the way you want to be because they don’t want to see you hurt. They don’t want to see you fail. But deep inside, they hope you won’t listen and walk your own journey while giving them hope that maybe, just maybe, they may one day be brave enough to live their own lives too.

3) Contribute goodness into the world and share your light.

4) Live every day and fall in love with life.

5) Die tomorrow.

Do all of your last day chores on this earth today. Buy life insurance, set up a trust, talk with family and friends or whomever will take care of those you love about how you want your loved ones to be raised or cared for. Call those you need. Write a love letter to your children and loved ones, and put it all away. This part is painful but also awe-inspiring for you to recognize so much goodness in yourself and others while being responsible.
Do not be afraid of death! Be afraid of living an unfulfilled life.

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    Provocative, truth seeking, fear inducing, empowering is this wonderful contemplation of death written by Svetlana. The author shares her feelings that are so real and frightening, existential questions that puzzle the human kind every minute of our existence. How she is able to overcome her fear of death, is exemplary.
    Vanya Georgieva-Matev

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