Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day! As a Citizen of the United States Of America, I wholeheartedly celebrate what in my opinion is the most defining holiday. Defining for America, and for every citizen.

More than 200 years ago, a group of brave men gathered to declare and define their own destiny and the destinies of millions of like-minded people to come. They proclaimed freedom for themselves, their brothers, and their sisters.

What does that freedom mean to you? How do you embrace the opportunity to truly be free?

For me, freedom means an ability to live my life by my own design. Freedom to dream and create. Freedom to pursue my goals, even in uncharted territory, knowing that my country can and will support me in my pursuits.

an immigrant, my appreciation for the opportunity that You, my beloved America, provided me can’t be put into the words. I’m grateful beyond grateful. I would swim over the ocean, fly over the mountains, follow every road and cross every obstacle to have this opportunity to be Truly Free.

You, America, give us, The Dreamers, an opportunity to realize our own destinies. Whatever one desires to become, he or she can achieve that here.

I love you, the United States of America! I’m eternally grateful for the space you hold for me, my brothers, and my sisters to grow within your free spirit into brave hearted human beings that enrich this world.

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