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Benefits of Meditation

Svetlana Meditates

Meditation is one of the most effective practices that any human can perform to reach new, extraordinary levels of consciousness and fulfillment in life. And I want to start this year talking about Meditation and all that it can do for you.

While many people have been practicing and enjoying the benefits that come from Meditation, many more struggle to understand the advantages and joy that Meditation brings. If you’ve tried Meditation in the past and didn’t find it enjoyable, or if you want try techniques to deepen your own practices, read on.

First things first.

What is Meditation?

A little while back, when people would hear the word Meditation, they would imagine a Buddhist monk or some Guru sitting with his legs crossed for hours without any movement. Today, this image has changed as more and more people use Meditation in their daily routine as a means to quiet their minds, become more present, and enjoy life more fully. Some use Meditation to feel a sense of abundance and love, while others use it to feel happier in the moment.

The underlying meaning of the word Meditation is very broad and refers to techniques designed to promote relaxation, build internal energy, develop love, patience, compassion, generosity, and forgiveness. Meditation is meant to induce a feeling of peace.

Meditation can help in every facet of your life: your finances to make rational and balanced business decisions, your career to follow your heart’s mission more closely, your relationships to be more present, understanding, and loving.

Physical Benefits of Meditation.

I’ve been meditating for over four years, and I can’t imagine my life without my practice. Today I use a variety of different techniques. I remember vividly when I first began to meditate. I thought that Meditation was about “not” thinking, and I went to a Buddhist monastery every morning to meditate with the monks for an hour. I still remember my first session like it was yesterday. My rear end was sore from sitting for an hour, my legs fell asleep, and my mind was focused on grocery lists and other random, sometimes weird thoughts. It was a painful beginning, to say the least. I would go back again and again. I was determined. I would speak with the monks and receive a lot of wisdom and peaceful advice for my life. While Meditation got a little easier (at least my legs and rear end didn’t hurt any more), it still wasn’t fun. I felt like I was failing because I couldn’t calm my mind. It was neither blissful nor peaceful.
Today, I meet a lot of people who struggle to find joy in Meditation. Usually, the difficulty is because they haven’t found the most beneficial practice for them. There are number of different ways and techniques to meditate. Try as many as you need until you find the one that you really enjoy. When you take pleasure in your experience, you’ll want to try more and practice other techniques.

There are 5 major types of Meditation.

 1) Focus Attention Meditation

The first type is called Focused Attention Meditation. Focused Attention includes different techniques. The premise of this Meditation is to focus on one thing, to the exclusion of all else. By choosing to focus on only one thing, you begin to quiet your busy mind. You can focus on your breath, on a word or mantra, on an image such as candle light or a forest or sunset. It is important to understand that wandering thoughts will enter your mind. In fact, you will probably be focused for only a moment or two, then lose focus as other thoughts enter your mind. You will want to calmly bring your focus back to the object without judgement or anger towards yourself.

 2) Open Monitoring Meditation

The second type of Meditation is called Open Monitoring. The premise of this Meditation is to emotionally disengage and just observe and be present. You must become mindful of your environment and of your thoughts. Let thoughts enter and run through your mind without judgement or attachment.

3) Transendental Meditation

The third type is called Transcendental Meditation. This meditation uses mantra that is given specifically to a student based on a number of different factors, such as the year in which you were born. Transcendental Meditation is taught one on one in a four day course by a certified teacher. To learn more about Transcendental Meditation, visit

 4) Kundalini Yoga Meditation

The fourth type is Kundalini Yoga.
This is one of my favorite techniques. It includes specific, practical tools that support the mind and guide the body through the use of breath, mantra, hand position, and focus. There are a number of different Kundalini Meditations that are tailored to specific causes: to reduce stress or addiction, to clear chakras, to move energy, and many others.
Kundalini is high energy Meditation. If you tend to get bored or fall asleep while you’re meditating, practice Kundalini. There are many places around the US that have group classes. Classes are a great way to experience what Kundalini is all about. Breath of fire, chakra activation, energy movement in your body and in the field that surrounds you are all a part of the Kundalini practice.

 5) Guided Meditation

And finally, there is Guided Meditation. I find Guided Meditation to be an exceptional practice for new students. There are thousands of recordings that transport you to beautiful places where you can relax, heal, manifest, meet Angels, and receive anything you desire. There are Guided Meditations that I love, and great teachers who are simply amazing. If Meditation is a new practice for you, Guided Meditation might be the best way to start.


Here are some links to free Guided Meditations that I’ve found to be exceptional.

The Honest Guys have a huge number of Guided Meditations for different occasions.
Kireiki Healing is another source for beautiful Guided Meditations on YouTube channel.
There are many other great Guided Meditations you can find on YouTube.
Some of the most common ones that I use is I Am THAT I AM Meditation and Ah Meditation  by Wayne Dyer.
Deepak Chopra offers free 21 day meditation experience. It is another great way to start your Meditation Path.
If you wish to connect deeper with yourself, with God, and with the Universe, and bring more light into your life, start Meditating. More meaning and presence will enter your life. Questions will be answered. Problems will be solved.
In prayer we ask; in Meditation we receive. God cannot enter a busy mind. Quiet your mind, and that is where you will meet God.
Mother and Son Meditate
Much Love,

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