Affirmations. Affirm yourself into a new reality.


These two pictures show the difference that I Affirmed in My Own Life.


Affirmations are one of the most effective and influential ways to transform your reality. If there is something you want to improve in your life, you can change it by affirming a new version of you. “Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better”, said Jim Rohn. And that is exactly how you can shape a new reality and alter the circumstances of your life that you wish were different or a little easier.

You see, when you start affirming yourself to qualities you want to possess and perform, over time those qualities become your nature. Your old nature may initially deny this truth. Your mind may say “Who are you trying to be? You are not that person.” However, if you continue to pledge your conviction to the qualities you desire, this will become your new essence. When opportunities present themselves, you won’t be afraid. You will remember the courage, love, and self confidence you affirmed within yourself.

Some believe in incantations instead of affirmations. Incantations are longer phrases, or expressions that are embodied through utterances spoken with conviction and excitement. I find both affirmations and incantations to be powerful tools to help people evolve and improve their lives.

Transformation Through Affirmations

Eight years ago I was scared, overweight, and had very low self esteem. I was unhappy with my life and myself. I had a deep, dark hole within me. I knew there was more to my life, but I didn’t know how to discover or achieve it. That’s when a friend introduced me to affirmations. I had a list that I repeated three times a day while I looked into my own eyes in the mirror. That experience transformed my life forever. At first it was hard. Through my own eyes, I saw the pain in me. The words I said were hard to accept. But slowly I started to believe what I was affirming, and my affirmations took on a new level of intensity. Over a period of six months, I became the woman I was proclaiming to be. I lost 40 pounds, I enrolled in a college, I landed a great job, and I met a man I married a year later. That life transformation happened because my affirmations became my new nature, my essence.

I continue to use affirmations and incantations today. The sayings have changed many times over the years, but the affects are the same. And if I told that scared, overweight girl about the woman I have become, she would be in tears.

List Of Powerful Affirmations

Here’s a list of some of my favorite affirmations and incantations that I use today. They’re very different from those that I started with. Eight years ago I was saying “I am beautiful”, “I am courageous”. Today they are more comprehensive, yet have points of convergence. Find the ones that work for you and say them every morning. For more effective results, say them three times a day and every time you are doubting yourself or faced with a difficult decision.

Here is my list that I adopted over the years from different teachers like Anthony Robbins, Wayne W Dyer, and Stuart Wilde among others. Feel free to use all that apply or create your own.

Morning Affirmations.

1) My mind is of Infinite Prosperity!
2) My Inner presence is Lavish Abundance!
3) My consciousness is Light!
4) I’m eternal, immortal, universal, and infinite. My expectations are limitless.
5) This is my day. I control each and every thing that comes to me. I accept complete responsibility for my life for I know that I am power. So be it!
6) May the beauty of the day unfold deeply from within me. May there be energy and strength at all the times.
7) This day I express love to each person that I meet for I know that I’m truly lovable.
8) Each and every day I become more and more sensitive to my surrounding. I’m always in the right place at the right time.
9) May the beauty of this day unfolds strongly, May the creativity within me manifest to its highest possibility.

Nightly Affirmations.

1) May the power that guides me show me the way and may I see the answers to all of my questions.
2) May the dark of this night allows the light within me to shine ever greater. I’m eternal, immortal, universal, and infinite.
3) May I go out to this night and be a part of all things. May I serve in whatever way I can serve, may I learn in whatever way I might learn. May this night be for refreshment, for healing.
4) May the rest that I experience this night allow me to awake refresh positive, loving and ready for a new day. So be it!

Prosperity Affirmations.

1) The universe is abundant therefor I feel abundant. My expectations are limitless.
2) Every day in every way I’m growing more and more financially prosperous now.
3) I have plenty of money to spear and share.

Special Occasion Affirmations.

1) Everything in life is happening for me and not to me.
2) All I Need Is Within Me Now (say this emphasizing every word in this sentence).

And this is my favorite incantation, by Tony Robbins, that I’ve used for many years and love it more every day.

Now, I am the voice.
I will lead, not follow.
I will believe, not doubt.
I will create, not destroy.
I am a Force for Good.
I am a Leader.

May you have the life you desire!

May all of your wishes come true!

Much Love!


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