A Warm Welcome!

I’m Svetlana a founder of The Light Freedom. My mission is to bring more freedom into the lives of people I care for so deeply. Freedom to love oneself unconditionally, to walk in confidence, to accept with gratitude, to give lovingly, to be in peace, to free oneself of the opinions of others, and experience the guidance that is available to all of us every moment of life.

My desire for you is to live your life abundantly. To bring forward your Higher Self and shine bright . . .

Originally from Kazakhstan, I was borne into a Russian family by a single mother in a restricted land of the USSR. No God, no sex, no expression, and many other nos dominated society at that time. Fortunately, my mother’s vision for me was of unconditional potential and she would protect me from the capped thinking of others who would eagerly tell me why I could not realize my dreams. Hard work was a big part of my upbringing for I had to help mother put food on the table and pay for my clothing and books. Those were the years of preparation for a big life in front of me.

When I turned twenty, I left all that I knew and moved to The United States of America. When the opportunity presented itself the knowing inside of me was unshakable. I chose the unknown freedom of dreams over the fear driven security in comfort. Following our knowing is the only way to happiness for there is no long term joy in settling for anything less than the giant energy of Divine possibility within every one of us.


In less than five years, I had my dreams for this country realized: a loving family, a great husband, and a bundle of joy in a baby boy. And one day… It all changed… My husband passed on…


In that tragedy, the energy started flooding its way to me and I  experienced a Spirit World in an intense new ways.
After many years of learning all that I possibly could about other dimensions and life after death, Divine Grace and Unconditional Love I discovered my gifts. Today I have number of certifications and designations. But what matters most is that I serve as a faucet for Divine Healing Energy to heal through me, for Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels to guide through me, and Creator to create through me.
My mission is to heal bodies and hearts and to help people to bring their inner light outwards. My desire for you is to live your life abundantly. To bring forward your Higher Self and shine bright so you can inspire many to be The Light in The World.
Each one of us came onto the earth at this specific time to awaken something within and to share it with others. And it is our absolute duty to make it so and to play full out.

Much Love,

Disclaimer: Readings and Healings are for entertainment purposes only. All information or advice given to you by The Light Freedom should not take the place of any medical, legal or financial advice given to you by any qualified professional. All sessions by The Light Freedom are not a substitute for medical, legal or financial advice.


*You must be 18 years of age or have written consent from a parent or legal guardian.