A Course in Miracles

Live Virtual Study Group
New for 2023 we are offering a FREE weekly live virtual study group for A Course in Miracles. If you have taken any courses with The Light Freedom, you know that Svetlana and Alli read this book daily and recommend it frequently. A Course in Miracles contains 365 daily lessons to guide you to strengthen your relationship with the Divine. God/Source is within all of us and these lessons will teach you to tune into your inner wisdom.
Join an interactive community of beautiful souls who want to embody the highest version of themselves, who want to be One with their Creator and the Universe, who want to grow and expand.
This study group is for you if:

You’ve tried reading A Course in Miracles before and struggled to understand or to stick with it

You’ve heard of A Course in Miracles and want to check it out and understand it better

You’ve studied A Course in Miracles and want a supportive community where you can share your thoughts and takeaways

You’ve never heard of A Course in Miracles

You love to be in community with people focused on their spiritual growth

You want a better understanding of how the Universe works

You’ve ever struggled to fully understand or believe concepts from your religious learning

You want to live your highest, most complete version of your life

This is a FREE study group.
We encourage you to obtain your own personal copy of A Course in Miracles and a journal to take notes about each lesson.

This study group includes:

Weekly live Zoom meetings

Lessons posted daily in interactive WhatsApp group

Access to recordings for the entire year