7 Day Healing Meditation Journey That Will Guide Your Life Back Into Balance

In this Color and Sound Meditation you will Receive

  • 7 guided healing meditations (5-7 minutes in length)
  • 7 chakra compendiums detailing each wheel, how to heal it, crystals guide and much more
  • 1 Master Healing Meditation with all seven chakras combined.
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During these times of enormous contrast are you also experiencing deep emotions?? The world is such a different place today.

I've seen so many people affected negatively by this economic and health crisis — losing their jobs, changing their whole day-to-day schedules, and worrying about an affect of this virus on the family and loved ones — causing fear and panic to grip their hearts and minds. 

What I find is most common among us all is that we all go through many different emotions throughout the day. 

Let me tell you a quick story. 

Before I moved to the U.S., I lived through a time like this — total deconstruction of society, a disruption in belief systems, a collapse of the government, an overwhelmed health care system, and complete financial devastation!  There wasn’t even food in grocery stores. Sound familiar??

To buy a loaf of bread, my cousins and I would wake up at 6 am, and go to the store to be one of the first in line. When the bread truck would arrive at 7:45 am, the line would be two blocks long.  

We could only have one loaf and a quarter of bread per person (and yes, a woman who sold the bread would cut up a loaf and give us the quarter)! There always were three of us, so that we could buy more to feed our big family.  Produce was also limited, and the lines were immense. 

​I recall Mama and I waited for three hours to buy ice cream, but it was sold out before we made it to the front of the line. 

All my family members lost their jobs. Salaries that halted for many months were instead paid out in clothes or groceries.

I can recall the taste of consuming the same food for many months, and my Mama telling me that she wasn’t sure if she would ever be able to buy me a chocolate bar again.  And then…money began to lose it’s value…and everyone lost everything!!!  Scores of people became despondent and sick and then died. 

Emotional pressure and uncertainty mixed together with smashed dreams and hopes was devastating for many. I know a lot about hardship, broken hearts, and darkness.  This is because I was a child when Soviet Union collapsed. I lived it. I experienced it.

I still remember the fear that gripped my heart and lungs, and it took me many years as a conscious adult to heal. 

We believe in God when everything is easy. Yet, when the world crumbles we hoard toilet paper and become lesser versions of ourselves. Why is that?

All of those devastating events allowed me to become a brighter source of Light and become my highest and most authentic self. And during these times, I wish the same for you.

- Svetlana -

As a Divine Energy Healer I’ve seen many disharmonies: physical, mental, and emotional. I also helped many people to regain inner freedom and peace. 

During these scary, frightful, almost dystopian times, I really feel the urge and need to share my Healing Meditation course with you. I want you to find your way out from a dis-eased mind, body, or soul. 

This guided meditation course will help you to re-align with your higher self and will guide you back home into Light.  

This is a hard time. I honor you for being on this page and trying to find tools to keep yourself moving, even if it’s inward, and wanting to create balance and peace within.

Many will come out from these times broken in spirit; however, I believe even more will come out awakened, in Light, and more connected to the Source. I feel so many will find themselves in a beautiful relationship, feeling deeper love, experiencing richer levels of connection with the children and spouses, becoming better cooks, being more prosperous, having a new knowledge of who they are, and living their life’s purpose. In every hardship, there is an opportunity to discover our true essence.

Unfortunately, breakthroughs do not happen when everything is going well — they happen when things are hard. 

For many years, I’ve been helping people heal.

People would come to me physically sick, depressed, and in a very dark place. They would be devastated and hurt unable to find a different way. A way to live a life that is joyful, loving, and on purpose. I’m blessed to see them now living healthy and fulfilling lives and also helping others. In my healing practice, I often work with color and sound. I believe this Color & Sound Healing Meditation program will help you to establish a balance within and find your way into the Light.

Everything in the Universe responds to vibration.

You and I are a vibrational reality. 

Sound vibration and color vibration can create balance and healing in our energy field and our cellular structure.  When a proper sound vibration applied to a chakra (the wheel of energy that distributes vitality throughout the body) - it restores that energy wheel and the flow of life. 

Sound vibration can also cool off an overworked chakra wheel or stimulate a stagnant one. It can restore a natural balance that is essential for a healthy body, mind, and emotional well-being. Through Divine Rays of Light, the healing cleanses and strengthens our aura, allowing dis-eased organs to restore and miracles to happen.

This Meditative Healing Program is devotional and will bring you closer to God, Source, Universe, Brahman, or whatever word that you use.

When we are connected to the Divine Presence, we see meaning in the most uncertain places, we know thyself, we know our inner power, we experience an illumination of the Divine Heart within us, and we appreciate the beauty of life despite any outer circumstances.

In this Color and Sound Healing Course you will Receive

  • 7 guided healing meditations (5-7 minutes in length)
  • 7 chakra compendiums detailing each wheel, how to heal it, crystals guide and much more
  • 1 Master Healing Meditation with all seven chakras combined.

This transformational meditation is normally $77. 

However, because I feel so strongly about this time being one for all of us to come together and pour into each other, I’m giving it to you with love and prayer that it will bring more Light into your life. 

It is the time to support one another and share our light with the world. 

Each one of you is in a different space financially. You'll see a donation button and you can donate what feels good to your soul.

Or just have it as a gift from my heart to yours. 

Please share this meditation offer with all the people that you love. 

Families and friends that meditate together, gravitate together. 

Be well, be guided, and be safe. May Love, Light, and Healing be present with you at all times.

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