5 Years Since You Died

When You Died

When you died, a piece of me died with you. The pain was unbearable. Hopelessness and emptiness filled my soul. I remember begging God to give me any other worldly problem. To leave me homeless, sick, poor. A problem where I had a glimpse of hope, even an imperceptible chance, to change the outcome.

You revealed your presence many times that first month. When the light bulbs burst almost daily. When our baby’s bottle slid from one side of the table to the other. You would hold me in my dreams. You challenged all that I knew about life and death.

I was afraid. I thought death was the end. I was so naive. I asked you to leave, to stop manifesting your energy. I was terrified of it.

And you did. You left, and you didn’t show your presence again. But by then you had already challenged all that I knew. You left me wondering, and my quest started. An awakening, an immersion into the true knowledge of infinite Divinity took over my life.

What I Learned


Year after year, book after book, through teachers and the knowledge within, the truth was exposed. I could no longer bear the idea of human mortality and an angry God sending people to Hell and Heaven. During my journey, I had discovered too much to believe in anyone’s ending.

We are eternal, immortal, universal, and infinite. We do not start, and we do not end. We are energy, and we change form.

Our relationship today is one of unconditional love. You guide and protect me. You watch over me. You help in so many Angelic ways. I smiled when you said that this lifetime was the fourth time we were married. It doesn’t surprise me at all.

You show me unconditional love. A love without judgment, addiction, or criticism. A love of acceptance and understanding, of a human journey to gain experience for my soul’s evolution, to learn and to grow.

It has been five years without you. It has been five years with a different you. You as a spirit, an energy, a force, an Angel.

My Reggie…

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